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Albums | Ronker - Self Loathing Self Help (EP)

Huh? En nu? We hebben de helft van deze EP - Goliath en Shame - al aan bod laten komen, volstaat dat dan niet? Moeten we nu écht nog wat aflullen over die andere helft? Iedereen weet ondertussen toch al dat Ronker potige nummers maakt én dat je erop kan rekenen dat die aanleunen bij hun eerder verschenen (oude) shit? Voilà, Solid en Old Reliable zijn bij deze aan bod gekomen en ik ben ervan af! Gewoon luisteren, beste mensen, het is écht méér dan de moeite. We krijgen er bovendien nog een leuke video bij, eentje die serieus afwijkt van het eerder gebrachte visueel materiaal. Is dit wat we volgende vrijdag in de Charlatan mogen verwachten, als finale welteverstaan?

daarna trekken ze met hun herrie naar onze noorderburen: check hier.

Releasedatum: 7 april 2023



Today Ronker releases its first EP upon the world. The speed noise-band hailing from Belgium comes screaming bloody murder and reflects on past trauma's. Ronker's music can be described as a mix between Danzig-era Misfits meets Helmet, equally influenced by the earliest of hardcore-punk as 90’s guitar music or thrash metal.

Their debut EP 'Self Loathing Self Help' was born imperfect, loud and ugly, kicking wildly and gasping for breath.

For this release the band took residence in Hightime Studio, where Thomas Valkiers (CRACKUPS) rules as the Flemish equivalent of Steve Albini. The EP was pieced together sonically by Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Doodseskader). As a result, the songs have acquired both the no-fucks-given attitude of garage-punk and the concrete character of 90's alt-metal. The EP will be released on 10' on LABELMAN. With shows with bands like: Melvins, Brutus, Show Me The Body, Ronker is now eager to write a new chapter.

'Self Loathing Self Help' tells a story about depression, suicide and the ones left behind. It was therefore deliberately chosen to bundle these four numbers. The songs clearly written as a process of coming to terms with losing loved ones, while struggling mentally yourself. The artwork by American artist Grant Fuhst shows both the flattened feeling of survivors guilt and the hopelessness that is so prominently felt in contemporary society.

Throughout the four-part EP, singer Jasper De Petter rattles death wishes together, urgency is the central mood during the 17-minute playing time. Singles 'Shame' and 'Goliath' are musical proof of this urgent nature, whereas the B-side with songs 'Solid' and 'Old Reliable' harbors a more complex and progressive characteristic. The universal truth that every human being is destined to die, is wrapped in a dissonant flurry of tearing violence.


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