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Sounds | Lykantropi, Vestigia

Dat ze in Zweden potverdorie prachtige, goed in het oor liggende muziek kunnen maken weten we sinds ABBA. De Zweden vertalen hun oor voor melodie en kwaliteit echter naar de meest uiteenlopende genres via bands als The Cardigans, Roxette, First Aid Kit, Europe, The Hellacopters, Opeth, Meshuggah, etc. etc. Voeg hier gerust Lykantropi aan toe. Hun door de jaren '70 Rock en Folk beïnvloede muziek klinkt zo retro dat we dachten dat ze reeds méér dan 40 jaar actief waren.

Even voorstellen

Lykantropi was created in 2013 by the singer and guitarist Martin Östlund. In 2017, the band invited their listeners to their own mysterious but yet beautiful scenery when they released their self-titled debut album (Lykantropi), which contains their first hit single ‘Black Old Stone’. The debut album was met with great excitement and has been critically acclaimed from all over the world. The debut album was recorded live in the studio and mastered by Martin Konie Ehrencrona (The Oath, In Solitude, Dundertåget). In May 2019, the band released the follow-up album 'Spiritousa' that kept the spirit of their previous album and they got praised from all over the world again, there among Sweden Rock Magazine and Aftonbladet (the biggest daily newspaper in Sweden) to name a few. The album contains the mighty singles 'Wild Flowers' and 'Vestigia'.

From the dark woods of Värmland, Sweden, the folk rock band Lykantropi invites their listeners to their slightly melancholic rock, delivered by enchanting female and male vocals in symbiosis that consolidates the lycanthropic touch painted by diverse, catchy melodies. The music is inspired by the 70’s rock that consists of an equal part of their embracing of nature and its force, dark as light. In today’s society the old folk tales can be thought to belong to the delusions of the past. With their enchanting riffs and beautiful harmonies Lykantropi takes us via the werewolf transformation back to the rock and folk music of the early 70’s. Sweet harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & The Papas are layered with electric guitars and flutes into a witch’s brew. A witch brew that also can be compared to other mighty bands such as Jethro Tull, Coven and Blue Öyster Cult. In a world that can feel very far away from a cinematic American west coast with playfulness and total enthusiasm, Lykantropi is an oasis in the desert. Here the mystic of the forests meets the dusty vistas of the steppes, and occultism surrounds us with a purple smoke that takes us from east to west enveloped in Scandinavian melancholy. Vestigia is the second single of Lykantropi's critical acclaimed album 'Spirituosa' that was released earlier this year. "Vestigia deals with the feeling of disconnection. The feeling of being astray and not finding your way home in this superficial age that we live in. How our desperate search for money and success makes us lose connection with our true selves, with nature and ultimately reality." // Tomas, Lykantropi

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