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Sounds | Helga, Haunted

We lieten deze intrigerende jonge Zweedse al eerder aan bod komen met Battle Song. Ook die song ging gepaard met een spookachtige video. Op de Nugoth/Dark Pop/Metal song Haunted gaat ze nog een stap verder de duisternis in.Het 'verhaal' werd gefilmd in California en is een visueel prachtig werkje.

Even voorstellen

After jumping around between different musical projects, Helga decided to go solo in late 2016 pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter. Anxious to release the melodies that had been stuck in her head for months, she self-released a demo EP in October 2016 that would later lead to various musical collaborations in the rock and metal world. Life happened in 2017, but that didn’t stop her from crafting riffs and writing songs. By the beginning of 2018 she started recording an EP with musicians across the globe. Landing her first record deal in May, Helga’s first single ‘Battle Song’ was released in August, following a second single ‘In The Wilderness’ in November, and an EP ‘Nebulous’ released in December. Helga is exploring her musical universe. You’ll never know what you’ll hear next.

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