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Sounds | Oathbreaker, Ease Me

Na hun laatste release Rheia (2016) ging het immens snel voor de Belgen. Misschien wel iets te snel en dus zetten ze er einde 2017, na een laatste zéér intense, show in de AB (voorlopig) een punt achter. Het was tijd om op adem te komen, zowel fysiek als emotioneel. En blijkbaar heeft die rust hen goed gedaan, getuige deze nieuwe, zij het reeds eerder opgenomen, song. Vrij rustig, wat melacholisch, maar op en top Oathbreaker. De vrij 'ruwe/rommelige' mix zal niet iedereen bevallen, het nummer zelf is echter top.

Fingers crossed voor méér.


Even voorstellen

Oathbreaker is a Belgian band from Flanders, formed in 2008 and currently signed to Deathwish Inc. The band consists of guitarists Lennart Bossu and Gilles Demolder, drummer Wim Coppers (who replaced founding member Ivo Debrabandere in 2016), and vocalist Caro Tanghe, who performs both screamed and sung vocals. They are a part of Amenra's Church of Ra collective. Following a self-titled EP, Oathbreaker have released three studio albums: Mælstrøm (2011), Eros|Anteros (2013) and Rheia (2016). The latter two albums came out on Deathwish and received generally positive reviews.

Oathbreaker's eclectic style has been associated with various genres within the realms of punk rock, heavy metal and avant-garde music. It has been compared to that of Cobalt and Ghost Bath as well as Deathwish Inc. labelmates Deafheaven, Converge, etc. Caro Tanghe's vocals have received attention as a prominent aspect of the band's sound; Exclaim noted that her "higher pitched screams rival [Converge's] Jacob Bannon's, while simultaneously being close enough to a black metal shriek, and desperate enough for screamo" while Stereogum praised her singing, stating it is "often melodic, and multi-tracked, and it gives these gigantic songs greater mass and momentum, as well as humanity and maybe even vulnerability." Furthermore, Metal Injection described her lyricism as "haunting and poetic, gothic and honest." (wikipedia)

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