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Sounds | Per Wiberg, Pile Of Nothing

Onze favoriete ex-Opeth'er is eindelijk terug met een nieuw project onder zijn eigen naam. Gekend, of niet, van King Hobo (brengen ook een nieuw album uit dit voorjaar!!), Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass en nog zoveel andere projecten gaat hij in dit nummer de Industrial/Doom richting uit. Head Without Eyes verschijnt op 10 mei via Despotz Records.

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Per Wiberg

The term heavy can be applied to many different music genres and in many different contexts. Swedish musician Per Wiberg, has made a living out of playing most things heavy the last 30+ years. A multi-instrumentalist who has played keys, bass and guitars with a number of bands and artists like Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass as well as Clutch/Bakerton Group, Switchblade and Kamchatka to name but a mere few.

”I’ve always been, and in many respects still am a band kind of guy, so this solo venture has been a long time coming. It’s scary to not have a bunch of friends to rely on and bounce ideas off, but it’s been very healthy to step out of that comfort zone. I think it reflects a lot on the music and it’s definitely an album I needed to make. Time for a different kind of heavy.”-Per Wiberg

Pile Of Nothing

'Pile Of Nothing' is the second single from the upcoming album 'Head Without Eye'.

"A somewhat twisted track, dissonant and noisy as well as melodic and heavy. Originally meant to be somewhere along the ”muddy" lines of Swans meets Talk Talk and Scott Walker. There’s definitely traces of that intention but it came out way heavier than expected. Very glad that Billie Lindahl (Promise And The Monster) agreed to sing on the choruses as well. The contrast between her ethereal voice and the doom gives the song a different tone, as well as adding more weight to the rather dark lyrics. It's a cool detailed mix which works a treat in headphones I’d say, obviously played really f%%?#n' loud. Enjoy!"- Per Wiberg

Head Without Eyes

Head Without Eyes is the result of an urge to constantly move forward artistically. Combine this, with a lifetime of music addiction and record collecting and you’ll get an amalgam of catchy hooks and memorable melodies layered on top of trippy sounds exploring the more experimental sides of rock music. Impossible to categorize but let’s paint the scene. Imagine, if you will, having afternoon tea with Killing Joke and Van Der Graaf Generator, followed by a smokeout in the company of Hawkwind and Young Gods, while later being invited for a night cap with Talk Talk and Swans. Are you with us? There’s a dense doomy, sometimes dissonant vibe to the songs and together with the melodic parts it creates an interesting sense of dynamics. This is underlined by the surreal landscapes portrayed by the sometimes sinister lyrics.​

With 'Head Without Eyes', Per has created a new platform to write and perform music that moves between discordant to harmonic; sparse to bombastic. Also when listening to these songs, one can’t help but notice how mature it sounds for being a debut album, but then again, if you mean what you play, you can never go wrong. website

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