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Sounds | John J Presley, Riders

Zoveel sterke muzikanten/bands, zoveel sterke releases...en dan is het normaal dat er zo nu en dan eentje bijna aan de aandacht ontsnapt. Op 25 januari verschijnt het debut album van deze Blues Alt Noir muzikant. Op zondag 7 april kan je hem in Bar Mirwaar (Gent) live aan het werk zien.

Even voorstellen John J Presley - an English gent with a penchant for fuzz. "Music needs a new dark lord..." Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1 "An oasis of calm amongst the torrent of noise." The Times" If Bukowski was to join a band of our time I think it’d be this one. The vocals remind you of Tom Waits or Johnny Cash, while the guitars have the same drive, as Jack White’s or the Black Keys do, only much dirtier. Plus there is a very strong folk element to it, which makes it just that much more intriguing and a bit poetic, whilst never losing its energy. The kind of music you imagine Jack White would cream his pants over." MusicNTing Blog

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