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Sounds | When Rivers Meet, Walking On The Wire

When Rivers Meet zijn het echtpaar Grace en Aaron Bond. Hun eerste full cd We Fly Free mag zonder meer sterk genoemd worden. Met Walking On The Wire brengen ze reeds hun derde single uit van dit album. Britse blues rock om te koesteren. Ook de videoclip mag er best zijn, zo kunnen we niet enkel genieten van prachtige muziek maar ook van de omgeving van Brightlingsea, North Essex. We Fly Free verscheen in november 2020.

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When Rivers Meet is comprised of husband and wife, Grace and Aaron Bond. Grace sings lead vocal on most of When Rivers Meet’s hit album, “We Fly Free”, showcasing her impressive range, while adding distinctive slide resonator mandolin and fiddle. Aaron plays guitar and adds rich vocals.

On “Walking On The Wire”, the band take a heavier blues rock approach. The vocal harmonies soar while Aaron’s hypnotic slide guitar takes flight. Grace’s resonator mandolin sounds amazing, whilst the rhythm section of pounding drums and walloping bass sticks everything together like glue.

When Rivers Meet strive for a genuine, gritty sound using authentic recording techniques, including tube tape echo and reverb chambers, which have created a live sound that keeps a truly vintage vibe that not only has energy but is also a true representation of the ever evolving sound this duo produces.

“We love this song, and we know you will be joining us on the chorus. Sing it loud,” says Grace about “Walking On The Wire.” “Blending and interweaving our vocals around different harmonies is something we love to do, and we get to rock out at the same time. What could be more fun?”


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