• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | Velvet Two Stripes, Fever

Vanuit Zwitserland bereikte ons al meer muzikaal moois en telkens erg uiteenlopend. Nu een damestrio met een serieus stel 'cojones', geïnspireerd door ene Jack White (ik haal graag ook de vroege The Black Keys aan) en helemaal in lijn met wat o.a. Ida Mae en zelfs onze eigen Black Mirrors op vandaag brengen: broeirige, psychedelische, bluesy rock & roll waarop je in een zweterige underground club - of op een festival - graag de dansbenen voor losschudt. Eigen aan Velvet Two Stripes is dat de zangstijl - in dit nummer - wel uit een folkband zou kunnen geplukt zijn.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea verschijnt op 15 oktober in eigen beheer.

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“Fever describes an obsession that almost turns into a kind of mania. The atmosphere of the song is very mystical and it embodies our musical development throughout the years. Especially our openness towards trying new methods of recording stands out in this song. This is particularly noticeable in the polyphonic vocals, the bass that is played with a bottleneck and our beer organ specially created for the song.”


Maybe we should thank Jack White for taking the spirit of Blues Rock to the present age during the past 15 years and thus sharing the relevance of one of the eldest of all rock music genres. White smoothed the path for bands such as The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Deap Vally. All of them with charismatic women right at the front conquering territories between Garage, Blues, Fuzz Rock and Riot Grrrl Punk, a territory where recently a new exciting band has parked their crooked van: Velvet Two Stripes. ​ Finally a European band ready to rival with the big fish in the scene, challenging the boys for their garage while proving that young women very well have a sense for real Blues. In 2014 their debut Album "VTS" is released. Surprisingly mature, bluesy and as soon as the drum machine kicks in, ain’t too far from The Kills. ​ ​

Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes is going to self-release its third album Sugar Honey Iced Tea on October 15th 2021. It’s packed with nine fuzzing and buzzing, kicking and howling beasts of songs. A raw sound based on blues, garage rock and riot grrrl punk, crafted in true D.I.Y.-spirit. It’s the sound of road-warriors that had their unfair share of confrontations, encounters and contradictions that women are experiencing all day every day. But Velvet Two Stripes don’t take that Sugar Honey Iced Tea any longer.

VTS is: Franca Mock, Sara Diggelmann, Sophie Diggelmann