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Sounds | Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Ghostrider

Met dank aan Rebecca Lovell (wederhelft van deze meneer en Larkin Poe natuurlijk) of ik had nooit geweten dat er nieuw materiaal was. Héél goed nieuw materiaal zelfs, in eigen beheer opgenomen en uitgebracht! Ghostrider is wel een beetje atypisch voor de songs van het nieuwe album dat ik reeds heb gehoord: een machtige (southern) rootsrocker, de beuk erin maar zoals steeds zeer catchy en op maat van stadions en festivals gesneden. Zoals we hen kennen dus, zij het net iets minder slick naar productie toe en daar hou ik wel van.

Shake The Roots is op 9 september 2022 verschenen i eigen beheer (Rattle Shake Records). Luister ook naar: Ain't None Watered Down


2022 sees the return of the one modern-day blues finest cats Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown with their latest offering ‘Shake The Roots’ via their own label Rattle Shake Records.

I heard great things about TBSD many moons ago via people in the know and I was eagerly awaiting catching Tyler & Co. Supporting The Cadillac Three on their UK tour a few years back, but a little-known band called Gun & Roses came calling and Tyler took the opportunity to open for them on their South American tour instead. So I had to be patient and wait for the opportunity to arise once again, thankfully that opportunity came along not only on the island of Ireland but in my hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland when Tyler took advantage of being trapped on this Island for a few days whilst supporting Aerosmith at the 3Arena in Dublin to play a solo TBSD show at Voodoo in Belfast. Hell yeah! So I reached out to Tyler’s label at the time and set up an interview and found myself on his first-ever tour bus and the rest is history.

After a good chat with Tyler & Caleb I knew what these cats were all about, two dudes so down to earth, living and breathing what they do every single day of their lives 24/7, 365 days a year, bleeding for their craft. The live show itself was just phenomenal! You know when you are in the presence of something special, and these guys are special. If you ever get the opportunity to catch them live you just have to do it.

So here we are post-pandemic, post-2020 madness and the cats are back with a new release, a few years older, wiser? Who knows, so what have they got to offer us? Shake The Roots is an eleven-track beauty that encapsulates all things TBSD at its very best. These guys have so many layers on tap it must be hard to pigeon-hole them to one genre as we love to do, but they are so fluid across an album but still manage to keep a cohesive sound within the four walls that you can instantly say “That’s a TBSD track” it’s an album packed with dark emotive tracks, soulful song-writing and groove-laden bangers that you just have to let yourself give into it.

Track after track these guys take you on a rollercoaster ride that will have you singing along in no time, swinging your hips and grabbing that special someone to boogie along to in the comfort of your own home. You get all that gorgeous fuzz-laden goodness Tyler loves to bring to the fore with killer melodies and hooks that will embed themselves deep in your brain, especially on tracks like ‘Ghostrider’ but there are plenty more hidden beauties within ‘Shake The Roots’ for you to feast on.

A killer album from start to finish it is great to have the guys back doing what they do! (Bron: Rock and Load Magazine)


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