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Sounds | TRIBUNAL - Without Answer

Deze dames + één dude kunnen een serieus stukske doomen. Een loodzwaar slepend tempo, wisselen tussen clean en unclean vocals en dan de inbreng van een cello ... moet het nog gezegd dat ik daar regelmatig voor val?

Je bent een echte kenner wanneer het op dergelijke muziek aankomt en kan hier ook iets zinnigs over schrijven? Klik HIER en contacteer ons snel.

The Weight Of Remembrance verschijnt op 20 januari 2023 via 20 Buck Spin.

Ter Info

The Vancouver duo Tribunal may yet be unknown to the wider world, but spellbinding debut album ‘The Weight Of Remembrance’ is poised to immediately change that. Steeped in the black velvet finery of Gothic Doom Metal, Tribunal weave dark tales of ultimate judgement, never-ending rain and forsaken despair.

Featuring classically trained cellist / bassist / vocalist Soren Mourne and guitarist / vocalist Etienne Flinn, the duo’s brick heavy classic Doom riffage borders on Death Metal heaviness, like My Dying Bride filtered through a colossal stained glass edifice. The sound is instantly familiar with nods to the 80s and 90s but never sounds retro or like mere homage. Rather ‘The Weight of Remembrance’ evokes the feeling of a painstakingly composed orchestral movement fit for a crumbling cathedral overgrown with moss. The duo frequently trade off vocals alternating between haunted wailing cleans, scathing black-metal style shrieks and dread-filled death calls.

Tribunal’s debut is an essential addition to the modern Doom canon, one which can expand in infinite musical directions from a base of crushing tragic heaviness and forlorn purpose. In that sense ‘The Weight Of Remembrance’ has the accomplished atmosphere of a band beyond their years in the scope and execution of its vision.

Primary Members:

Soren Mourne - Bass / Cello / Vocals

Etienne Flinn - Guitar / Vocals

Live Band Also Includes:

Julia Geaman - Drums

Jessica Yang - Guitar

Dallas - Keys


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