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Sounds | Thundermother, Black and Gold

Thundermother is een Zweedse, all-female band die loei goede rock 'n roll speelt.

Deze zomer is de groep op verschillende festivals te aanschouwen waarna ze door America zullen trekken met niemand minder dan de Scorpions en Whitesnake. Als je met zulke namen grote namen mag touren, dan is het wel duidelijk dat je heel wat in je mars hebt.

Hun nieuwe single Black and Gold is de title track van het aankomende album en zet gelijk de sfeer: girlpower! Dat je met een doel voor ogen alles kunt bereiken wat je wil, maar je hoeft het niet alleen te doen.

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Het nieuwe album Black and Gold komt uit op vrijdag 19 augustus via AFM Records


August 19, 2022 will see the Swedish heavy rock queens that are THUNDERMOTHER, release their hotly anticipated, new album, Black and Gold, via AFM Records. Twelve adrenaline-fueled songs will take you on a wild, high voltage and powerful ride into the filthy yet catchy rock ‘n’ roll sound THUNDERMOTHER is known and loved for: Creating infectious party rock songs with an irresistible feelgood appeal!

Following their latest, chart-breaking album Heat Wave (2020), that has been praised by both fans and international music press alike, Black and Gold looks set to be a next landmark and level for the charismatic, authentic and ambitious band, as previously-released singles "I Don't Know You", "Watch Out" or "Hot Mess" already proved. Today, THUNDERMOTHER presents a brand-new music video, for the album title track Black and Gold!

"The title track of our upcoming album and the ONE song that we hope to unite all our fans under, the colors black and gold are ours now and we wear it with pride!" Says vocalist Guernica Mancini.

"This tribe is for everyone, let's lead the way with love, unity and passion and why not look amazing while doing that too!"


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