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Sounds | The Red Clay Strays - Drowning (live)

Een mens vraagt zich soms af of en hoe een zanger zijn studio prestatie live zal brengen. Vandaar dat ik steeds opteer een live versie te publiceren wanneer die beschikbaar is. Brandon Coleman laat er geen twijfel over bestaan dat hij de song nailt. Schijnbaar zonder enige moeite laat hij zijn rasp door de nieuwe single Drowning gaan. Hij hoeft het er niet eens vingerdik op te leggen, je voelt zo de pijn, de schreeuw om hulp!

Made by These Moments verschijnt op 26 juli 2024 via RCA Records.

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Ter Info

Reflecting on the track, Nix shares, 

“In 2021 I was driving for Uber 10-12 hours a day, barely making ends meet. My wife Laurie Anne was taking on most of the chunk of the bills at the time because she had a steady job and we were still out of work mostly. I was really only making just enough to help pay rent. I remember the words and that melody coming to my mind ‘I’m drowning’ while I was headed to the gas station to pay for gas that at the time to continue Ubering. The debt was piling up and I was trying to save up for a ring at the time as well. Although I knew everything would be okay in time, it felt like I was treading water as long as I could stand. Things are much better now and I thank God every day that we don’t have to struggle like that anymore. If you feel like you’re drowning talk to somebody there’s help out there. And if God sends you a boat take it.” 

© Robby Klein


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