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Sounds | The Record Company - Talk to Me

Het gebeurt niet zoveel dat ik het geluid van een basgitaar meteen herken tussen de andere instrumenten en zang door. In dit nummer legt dat instrument echter een vette, funky groove en zorgt ervoor dat de (neen, niet 'mijn') dansbeentjes beginnen te kriebelen. Talk to Me swingt over het algemeen lekker weg en klinkt toch net rauw genoeg. Zuiver geproduced rauw weliswaar.

Benieuwd of het nieuwe album er nog dit jaar aankomt.

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Round Hill Records announced that the GRAMMY® Award-nominated trio The Record Company have released their new single "Talk To Me".

With this new offering, band members Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica), Alex Stiff (bass, backing vocals), and Marc Cazorla (drums, backing vocals) are kicking off their next musical era with a single that features guitar cries through a hypnotically hummable bassline and head-nodding beat. A common theme on this record was keeping the sound raw and getting back to basics.

With ‘Talk To Me,’ we used the same junky yard sale drum set heard on our earliest recordings. When the question came up later whether to re-record the song in a more professional studio setting, we voted that the original spirit was more important than polish, and we left that groove intact. A lot of the album follows this same vision,” said bassist Alex Stiff. Set to a thick 60s Hofner bass and Motown inspired drum groove, "Talk To Me" explores the unfinished business of a love lost, or an addiction that’s still knocking on the front door. The Record Company finds some of that unrehearsed, live sound and hot-off-the-paper vocals seen on many of their earliest recordings.

The Record Company has experienced everything as a family since they formed in 2011 and garnered recognition with their 2016 debut, "Give It Back To You". The release earned a GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Contemporary Blues Album” and spawned “Off The Ground,” a #1 single at AAA Radio that has tallied nearly 40 million total streams and counting. The band then went on an extensive tour with John Mayer, before headlining across the country and accruing a cadre of fans. Prior albums from The Record Company include "All Of This Life" (2018) and "Play Loud" (2021).

Now in 2023, a new chapter has begun. The trio were in the studio working on a new album in late December 2022 when they received a call from their then record label saying that they were being dropped just days before Christmas. Proving their resilience and taking rejection as a rite of renewal led the band down a new path, creating the raw, self-produced, blues-based music that harkens back to their roots.

These “roots” would include half-working dumpster guitars, no-name drum sets from garage sales, no click tracks or studio tricks, all recorded in the bass player’s living room. “Almost every band you love at some point tends to drift away from that raw spark that made them unique in the first place” says drummer Marc Cazorla. “They search for bigger sounds, bigger budgets, more expensive instruments, producers, mixers, etc. We’ve been subject to that as well, but now we’ve come back full circle to what matters most: making raw, honest music that moves peoples’ souls”.

The Record Company signed to Round Hill Records earlier this year and are managed by Jeff Castelez and his Cast Management team with UTA (Scott Clayton and Buster Phillips) representing the band for touring. They are set to tour throughout the year with plans to release a new album in the fall of 2023.


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