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Sounds | The Little Nightingale, Words Dissolve

Dobber Beverly, drijvende kracht achter en drummer bij Oceans Of Slumber, kan je niet in een hokje duwen. De erg sympathieke Houstonian creëert enzerzijds de meest aggressieve mokerslagen om dan uit te pakken met fluweelzachte, zij het toch vrij donkere, tonen. Van oordverdovend naar oorstrelend toe, zoals bij dit nieuwe project The Little Nightingale. Oh wat had Cammie hier graag de zang voor haar rekening genomen en hadden wij graag haar stem gehoord, maar Maurice doet dat héél erg goed, sorry Cammie. ;-)

Luister ook naar: Little Nightingale

ter info "Since I've had some extra time on my hands I decided to start working on a new project combining my love of Donny Hathaway, Robert Fripp, and Robin Trower.

Helping me summon James Dewer and Rick Wakeman, among other things, is none other than the velvet voiced Houston mad man Maurice Eggenschwiler. He provided the voice, acoustic guitar, and mellotron on this particular track.

We've got a few more tracks to finish up and they'll be updated throughout the next few weeks! So check it out and if you dig it hit up our Bandcamp" - Dobber Beverly - En wat had partner (privé en bij Ocean Of Slumber én Genoa) hierover te zeggen? "Dobber’s creativity and enthusiasm for collaborations never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I’ll admit I was quite jealous when I heard that Maurice had gotten to the new track before me, and not only that but had delivered such a gloomy, dramatic melody that I couldn’t unhear it to even reimagine the track. Dobber had something or another too nice say about it and well whatever...don’t get too comfortable Maurice!

Check out The Little Nightingale’s bandcamp and give this all the listens. It’s a simple and subtle masterpiece as is pretty much everything my baby does."


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