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Sounds | The Damn Truth, Only Love

Een song waar je kippenvel van krijgt. De zachte, hese stem van Lee-la neemt je mee op een tocht waar de liefde overheerst. Maar toch zit er voldoende pit in Only Love om je in beweging te brengen. Huilen en headbangen tijdens één song!

Voor een live optreden zullen we voorlopig het kanaal moeten oversteken, dertien optredens staan gepland in de UK.

Hun nieuwe album This Is Who We Are Now reeds uit.

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The Damn Truth – the critically acclaimed Montreal-based four-piece rock band, have announced they will release “Only Love”. Says TDT’s lead singer Lee-La Baum, “The lyric, only love can keep us going, serves as a reminder that things during the pandemic are challenging, and hardships are everywhere, but if every day has a new morning and we consider every morning a new beginning, then why shouldn't love guide it?” “When Bob first heard Only Love on the first day at The Warehouse (Bryan Adams' studio in Vancouver, Canada), he liked it right away but wanted us to try to speed up the tempo. Only Love started out as our only ballad on the record, but Bob had a slightly different vision. He basically sent us into the studio, and said: ‘Just give it a try, don't think, just play it. We'll know right away if there's something there’.” Continues Lee-La, “We played the song at almost double the speed, it felt rushed and awkward, but after laying down the take, we filed into the control room and listened back. It was undeniable. There seemed to be magic to it now.”

The Damn Truth embark on a 13-date UK Tour kicking off at the York Grand Opera House on February 10th and finishing at Southampton 1865 on February 25th. In addition to the Damn Truth supporting King King on various dates in February 2022, the band will also headline their own shows including Leek Foxlowe Arts (Feb 13), Leeds Lending Room (Feb 15), Bristol Exchange (Feb 16), and Southampton 1865 (Feb 25). “Touring the UK will make us the happiest, most excited creatures,” says the band. “The four of us are meant to be on the road, together, for life. That's where we thrive, where we are whole. Nothing compares to life on the road and if we can just make it over there, we can begin to live and love again.”


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