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Sounds | The Budos Band - Frontier's Edge

Daar zijn ze terug, mijn 'ontdekking' uit 2019! Ondertussen ben ik helemaal vertrouwd met de ingrediënten en word ik niet meer verrast: ik vind ze nog steeds klinken als Chicago in hun oerbezetting! De gitaarsound, de kenmerkende blazers (die eens net iets later inzetten), de swagger en een licht (mex)americana sfeertje,... yep, het komt allemaal terug in dit nieuwe nummer.

Frontier's Edge (EP) verschijnt op 28 juli 2023 via Diamond West Records.


Frontier’s Edge is the new EP by the fiery, energetic and genre-defying group The Budos Band. After a two-decade run with the legendary Daptone Records, Frontier’s Edge is the first new music from the group on the new label, Diamond West Records — run by The Budos’ saxophonist Jared Tankel and guitarist Tom Brenneck. The Budos Band’s departure from Daptone was on good terms; the split from their long-time home base was an organic result of the band’s evolution. “It’s just a natural growth,” Brenneck says, admitting: “We’re going further away from the sound of Daptone and into territory they probably wanted to stay away from.” As a result, Frontier’s Edge finds the group hungry, passionate and primed to charge into their next epoch newfound sense autonomy within the collective. “We’re a powerhouse in the studio; we can produce ourselves,” Brenneck says proudly of a long process of self-containment. “I take the helm, but the band, they know what they want.” As expected from The Budos Band, Frontier’s Edge resists analysis; it represents the band as they are: a contained explosion. You don’t pick apart Frontier’s Edge; you feel it all at once. “Somehow, we wrote six songs in two days,” says The Budos’ drummer, Brian Profilio. “Tom was able to take what we were doing and put it together in a cohesive manner.” Whether this is your first rodeo with The Budos Band or you’ve been following them throughout their two-decade run, Frontier’s Edge contains their musical universe — Afrobeat, Ethiopian music, proto-metal, any number of other streams — in microcosm. Dime the volume and behold The Budos.


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