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Sounds | Tesseract, Nocturne

Progmetal band Tesseract kwam eind vorig jaar met een cinematische en kwalitatief sterke livestream, getiteld P O R T A L S. Tijdens de meer dan twee uur durende livestream konden fans genieten van 14 nummers uit de gehele catalogus van de band. Deze werd zo goed ontvangen dat de band nu P O R T A L S ook als een live album en blue-ray uit zal brengen. Als voorproefje heeft Tesseract nu de live opname van Nocturne, een van de highlights van de livestream, online gezet.

Bassist Amos Williams over het nummer: “Nocturne has been a firm fan and band favorite since it was released ahead of the Altered State album cycle. As such, we threw a lot into the performance, which was matched by our production team, who really pushed the envelope with what they achieved during this track. The laser effects and lighting is powerful and emotive, and Rich’s cinematography really hits the mark.

De release van P O R T A L S staat gepland voor 27 augustus via Kscope Records.

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Lees meer: In December 2020, TesseracT invited fans to join them in P O R T A L S – an ambitious concept created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. The live cinematic experience fused live performance with beautiful lighting and striking effects, brought together by chaptered screenplay. By taking their most daring steps as a creative force, the band offered the viewer a completely new and unique experience.

TesseracT performed songs spanning their entire catalogue. Highlights included “Nocturne" off their 2010 debut EP, Concealing Fate and continued with “Eden” (One, 2011), "Of Matter” (Altered State, 2013), “Tourniquet” (Polaris, 2015), and “King” (Sonder, 2018), with the whole performance capturing 14 songs over 2+ hours. The show was a phenomenal success and garnered praise from fans and media worldwide. Now, Kscope are proud to present this unique event to a wider audience for the first time. The film and soundtrack will be issued on an array of formats including Blu-Ray, Triple LP soundtrack and as a limited edition deluxe 4 disc book edition on 27 August 2021.