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Sounds | Syk, pyramiden ptII (the child's prophecy of floods)

Pretty sick, zo kan je het geluid van dit Italiaanse avant-extreme metal collectief wel noemen. Denk retestrakke, ritmische uppercuts à la Meshuggah gecombineerd met spookachtige melodieën à la Björk. Technisch hoogstaand, brutaal, intens en nog zoveel meer. Alweer eens een band die mij kan boeien, al krijg ik er schele hoofdpijn van.

Pyramiden verschijnt op 11 maart via Nuclear Blast

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Ferrian, "'Pyramiden' is about finding the way to isolate oneself to all the uneasiness coming from society, then find a suitable space to face one's uneasiness. It’s being in the farthest place on earth where silence gives room to all sorts of visions or hallucinations. As with the previous release, 'Pyramiden' follows the alchemic principle of dissolving in order to assume a new shape but diving far deeper into obscurity where surviving means, in fact, to invent light into darkness.

Italian avant-extreme metal collective syk – featuring founding guitarist & main songwriter Stefano Ferrian (ex-psychofagist), vocalist Dalila Kayros, rhythm/lead guitarist Marcello Cravini, and newcomer Mauro Maraldo on drums – have been scorching ears and torching souls for nearly a decade.

Following their debut LP Atoma (2014), the band released their second effort, I-Optikon, on Housecore Records in 2016. Produced by Philip H Anselmo, I-Optikon’s “compositions are quite technical, and the results are unlike anything else I have heard” (Metal Trenches).

The work on their forthcoming 3rd album, Pyramiden, lasted 3 years. Mixing took place during the winter of 2020/2021 at Inverno Studios under the supervision of Fabrizio Gesuato, while mastering took place at Anselmo’s own Nosferatu's Lair with Stephen Berrigan at the helm. The record features artwork by Elena Romenkova.

Dalila Kayros – vocals/synths Stefano Ferrian – guitar Marcello Cravini – guitar Mauro Maraldo – drums Marco Mastrobuono - guest bass


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