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Sounds | State Champs, Everybody But You (ft. Ben Barlow)

Het zijn hoogtijden voor poppunk fans. Na de collab tussen Simple Plan en Deryck Whibley (Sum 41) krijgen we nu ook een liedje van State Champs voorgeschoteld waarbij niemand minder dan Ben Barlow (Neck Deep) een guest vocalist is. Daarnaast krijgen we in de video ook enkele bekende gezichten zoals Tyler Posey en Kelen Capener (The Story So Far) te zien.

Het zat er aan te komen met (intussen) drie nieuwe liedjes... de aankondiging van State Champs hun nieuwste album Kings of the New Age! Op 13 mei komt het album uit via Pure Noise Records. Nog even geduld dus.

Lyrically, ‘Everybody But You’ reflects on the back and forth of an overly toxic relationship, and after all that exhaustion, what better way to move on from someone than throwing a massive party with your friends? We also were heavily involved with the creative side of the music video treatment and direction in which we had a lot of fun portraying the concept and message of the song (and partying),” aldus State Champs

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State Champs has always embraced the idea of getting their music in front of as many people as possible. They aren’t running away from the sound they’ve established; if anything, it’s that scrappy punk spirit that drives them to continue to reach further and further. They’ve done pop arena tours, metal tours; they’ve even played a show on a beach. Wherever they turn up, they are going to be sincere and passionate. They are going to have fun. And moreover, so will you. This is an arena-ready band, capable of moving any kind of crowd, with the heart and soul of DIY freedom.

(bron: KINDA)

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