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Sounds | Sophia Scott - Lipstick on You

Haar vorige single was het soort catchy countrypop waar Shania Twain een patent op had. Deze keer pakt de talentvolle jongedame uit met een soulvolle countryballad. Naar het einde toe laat ze ook meer horen wat een fantastische stem ze heeft en mogen we even van wat gospel genieten.

Boots, Jeans, & Jesus verschijnt tbc via Dragonfly / EMPIRE.

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Co-written by Scott, Adam Yaron, Blake Hubbard, Zack Dyer, Jarrod Ingram, and Malia Civetz, “Lipstick on You” puts a poignant twist on the classic breakup ballad, cleverly using makeup as a metaphor for dashed hopes (from the bridge: “Pink on your collar/Cherry on your neck/A rainbow of colors and money I spent/Just for the shine to wear off in the end/And make me start over again”). Like a number of songs on her forthcoming full-length debut, the tender but tough-minded track speaks to the heartache Scott endured in the unraveling of a long-term relationship.

“After a breakup, especially one that’s long term, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that it’s over,” shares Scott. “You start thinking about all of the years of your life that you spent with this person and can’t help but feel like somehow that time was wasted. This song speaks to the grieving process of ending a relationship, more specifically - to the angry, bitter stage of grief. Sometimes it feels easier to be angry than to feel what we really feel, which is heartbroken and sad. It’s like it’s easier to move on from the loss of it all when there is something or someone you can blame. So, in this case we’re blaming lipstick." Already catching the attention of MusicRow's DISClaimer, the track is explained as, "Sultry and soul-tinged, she sings with a husky, throaty and totally ear-catching manner. Add some blues to your playlist with this dandy, stately lament." Produced by Yaron, “Lipstick on You” finds Scott channeling her regret and grief into an achingly powerful vocal performance, achieving a particularly thrilling intensity at the song’s spine-tingling bridge. In a gorgeous counterpart to her captivating voice, “Lipstick on You” unfolds in warm rhythms, smooth guitar tones, and Gospel-inspired harmonies. “I remember Zack [Dyer] came in with the title and I was immediately obsessed with it,” Scott continues. “It felt like such a cool way to express the feeling of time being wasted but in a sexier way that feels more empowering. It came easy; it was one of those writing days that just felt so good. The best part was Malia [Civetz] and I listing off every brand of makeup and shade of lipstick we could think of to find the best lyric. Also, I wrote this song over two years ago, but that’s just the thing about music and songwriting. It speaks to you in different ways at different times. This song was definitely a foreshadow to my future self.” Directed by CeCe Dawson, the video for “Lipstick on You” displays Scott as the main character. Alone in a field painting the scene of love lost, Scott appears reflective of what’s been wasted. Showing the incredible scope of Scott’s musicality, “Lipstick on You” arrives as the follow-up to her recent single “Boots, Jeans, & Jesus” — a July release that served up a wildly fun and unapologetic girls-night-out anthem. Last year, she delivered her critically lauded debut EP One Of These Days, a six-song project offering everything from the intimate balladry of “Side Effects” (a song about watching loved ones struggle with addiction) to dance-ready anthems like “More Me” (a fiercely empowered track that debuted on Spotify’s Wild Country playlist).


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