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Sounds | Sohnarr, Tiptoe (live session)

Wat is dit bloedmooi zeg! Sublieme soundscapes die je één maken met de natuur, geweven rond klassieke instrumenten maar ook electronica. Tiptoe laat ook de intrigerende stem van Patricia Vanneste horen, terwijl andere nummers dan weer louter instrumentaal zijn. Een must have voor elke muziekliefhebber.

Coral Dusk is verschenen via PIAS


Two years ago Patricia Vanneste decided to leave Balthazar, the band she had started together with Jinte Bernardt and Maarten Devoldere 15 years ago. She made that decision in order to create space for another calling that needed answering. By leaving Balthazar, the search to turn this desire into something real had started. After trying out a few locations and different ways to evoke through music what was inside of her, intangible and invisible, she came to realise that the concept of nature would take on an important or even crucial role. This was about more than quiet and silence, space and focus. She had to be away from anything with a human trait. With no distraction affecting her, going away seemed to be the only way to strip away her own self conscience in order to find the essence from which music would flourish. It was during this awareness, Patricia realised that she herself as an individual, would almost have to be disregarded too so she could make visible what was still invisible. She had to step away from herself to be able to express where words failed before and to make the invisible, visible.

Late 2018 Patricia traveled on her own through the autumn coloured landscapes of Sweden and Norway. Taking only a violin, a microphone, a laptop and a good pair of shoes with her, she sought out the most remote places she could find. Where her eyes would only meet those of animals or human-shaped clouds. Nature has always had this strange power over her that makes her forget about who or what she represents in everyday life. Intuitively, with music being the language that can capture what cannot be put into words. ‘Coral Dusk’ is the album she brought back home with her. Every note was composed and recorded by Patricia in the middle of nature and mixed by herself upon her return to Belgium.


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