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Sounds | Skynd - Robert Hansen

Geen kat die nog iets schrijft over de muziek, wel over de creepy en zéér goed gemaakte videos erbij, minikortfilms eigenlijk. We horen opnieuw sterke electro-industrial die je meesleurt in de verdraaide hersenkronkels van de band. Zangeres Skynd schakelt tussen een soort vertelstem (de woorden van Hansen die door je hoofd spoken) en haar eigen stem.

LIVE zaterdag 18 november 2023, De Helling (Utrecht, NL) woensdag 22 november 2023, Trix (Antwerpen, BE)


Skynd: "I was surprised not many people talk about Robert Hansen, the “Butcher Baker”. I personally consider him one of the most evil serial killers in American history. He not only had a high victim count, he literally hunted his victims in the woods like wild animals sometimes.

I can’t think of any other serial killer who’s done that to the extent that Hansen did. That’s why it was an urge to write about it. " PR Brown (video director) explain: “Robert Hansen was a particularly twisted monster. For the video we explored an uncomfortable space through the lens of watching a baker at work. His violence was too brutal to show or frankly glorify, so we expressed through yeast and powder. We filmed the forest while it was snowing and it was not lost on any of us just how cold his victims must have been. Alaska must have been a thousand times worse, surviving only on adrenaline as the women were set loose like game.

Skynd delivered a haunting portrayal as the voice in their head. This video and the whole process stands out to me as one of the more difficult to shoot but maybe one of the most rewarding in terms of the finished piece. Run, run, run.”

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