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Sounds | Shannon McNally - Wasted Time

Eindelijk nog eens een nieuw nummer van dit americana icoon. Wasted Time is een heerlijk groovende (delta blues) shuffle waarbij McNally alle instrumenten zelf speelt, op drums na (Chad Cromwell). Haar stem is zoals steeds instant herkenbaar, één uit de duizend.


My new single produced by Mike McCarthy and myself was liberating to make. Thanks to Mike for suggesting I play more instruments in the studio and knowing when to bring in a little help. Great producers bring out the best in an artist. I am grateful to have a sounding board with such great ears and open mind. McCarthy’s sensibilities are brave, honest and comfortable across the rock gambit. His sense of tone, recording knowledge and liberal use of fairy dust is hard to top. We took the time to mine for gold and found some very satisfying frequencies.

Time of course is a relative relationship not a thing. It exists between two entities. The idea that a clock is a powerful enough instrument of measurement for such a transient concept is quite silly to me. Now this is a very heady thought and not one that is convenient in the modern narrative. But we all learn to deal with this narrative that has outgrown its usefulness and we function within it to the best of our abilities. Being more of a spirit being it has always been a rub for me. I do my best for those around me, but in my heart I do not care what time it is. My body is my clock. My child is my clock. My garden is my clock. My love is my clock. Then there is the moon, the stars, the sun and love itself.

I ask you, can you waste time? Can you waste something that doesn’t exist? Perhaps you can waste the opportunity to be present. But waste time? Time is love. You can’t waste love. Love is love. Love is eternal and love just keeps coming. If you are busy being present, or being in love, or working in a garden, or listening to birds sing, watching the waves on a beach, or nursing a baby, or mapping your mind in meditation these are not wasted moments. These are precious moments.

Time is freedom. Time is wealth. Most of us feel like we don’t have enough time. I don’t know if wealth fixes everything but it can buy you time. Used properly, wealth can free up your days so you can watch the grass grow, or go fishing or just sit with your child while she reads. It means you can make caramel or roux. It means that you have time to be grateful for being alive. So tell me baby what do you think I do with all my wasted time? I spent it loving you.


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