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Sounds | Shannon McNally, Help Me Make It Through The Night (cover)

Dit nummer van Kris Kristofferson uit 1970 werd in datzelfde jaar populair dankzij Sammi Smith en werd later nog veelvuldig gecovered, o.a. door Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Glen Campbell, Joan Baez, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight & The Pips en zelfs ene Elvis Presley. De versie van Shannon McNally moet niet onder doen voor die van enkele grote kleppers voor haar, integendeel, net als héél het album is het een sublieme ode aan dè meestersongwriters in de geschiedenis van (outlaw) country&western. Ik moest deze gewoon publiceren, ook al is het geen nieuw nummer meer, maar toch omwille van de prachtige video. The Waylon Sessions is verschenen op 28 mei via Blue Rose Music / Compass Records Luister ook naar: het origineel van Kris Kristofferson de versie van Sammi Smith


The idea behind Shannon McNally’s The Waylon Sessions makes it sound like it’s an academic experiment, an exercise in recontextualization or a feminist statement. The singer-songwriter’s plan to cover a record’s worth of Waylon Jennings songs does, of course, do those sorts of things, and it’s hard to hear the album apart from the current conversations about women in country music (particularly on the radio). Fortunately, the album does something more. McNally digs into these songs with the enthusiasm of a long-time fan and then performs them with the skill of a stellar artist. Although she gets help from guests like Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell, and Jessi Colter (Jennings’ widow, but not only that), McNally makes each of these tracks her own. If we find more nuance here and there (“a feminine perspective hidden” in the songs, according to McNally), that’s a tribute to Jennings and the songwriters behind the cuts, but it’s also a comment on McNally’s own artistry. This album could be a statement in a variety of ways, but mostly it’s just a set of great songs performed wonderfully. (bron: Dusted Magazine)


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