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Sounds | SAHG, Fall Into The Fire

Yep, vrij traditionele heavy metal zoals de pr het passend omschrijft. Zo weet je misschien meteen waar je aantoe bent en dat is spijtig genoeg ook een beetje het nadeel aan dit nummer. De drive en riffs zitten goed, dat het nummer vrij 'simpel' is mag geen obstakel zijn, ook het feit dat alles erg catchy is, stoort helemaal niet. Het refreintje heeft echter iets te hoog meekweelgehalte waardoor ik serieus aan het twijfelen was of ik er wel een artikeltje aan zou besteden. Then again, ik heb altijd een boontje gehad voor dit Noorse drietal.

Born Demon verschijnt op 21 oktober 2022 via Drakkar Entertainment.

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"Fall Into the Fire is one of the tracks that really states what the new album is about. This is heavy metal in its purest form." Guitarist & vocalist Olav Iversen comments. Entering the Norwegian metal scene in 2006 as a classic doom band, wasn’t necessarily a recipe for success. Black metal was still the big thing coming from Norway, and there wasn’t much space for bands from other subgenres. Even with Gorgoroth members King ov Hell and Kvitrafn in the line-up, adding a touch of blackness, it wasn’t very likely that Sahg would get an instant break-through. But, the band took the heavy music scene by storm with their blistering, chart-breaking debut Sahg I.

Throughout the following decade, Sahg released five critically acclaimed albums, and played several tours and festivals across Europe, the United States and Asia to date. They have toured as support act for bands like Motörhead, W.A.S.P., Opeth, Clutch, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved to name just a few, and appeared at prestigous festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Summerbreeze, Sweden Rock Festival, Hard Rock Hell, Tons of Rock, Inferno Festival and Beyond the Gates among many more. To this day, Sahg has always stayed trve to their doom and heavy metal roots, and still holds the throne as Norway’s high guardians of doomed heavy metal. They are the bastard sons of Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Pentagram and Judas Priest. Classic heavy metal for the new age, with a desire for the occult, aversion for religion, and a gloomy gaze into the inevitable apocalypse, all served with a cold bite of Norwegian Blackness. With the ruthless force of a classic power trio and their upcoming album Born Demon under their belt, Sahg is part of a renaissance that will bring vintage doom and classic heavy metal back to the masses!


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