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Sounds | RRRags, Demons Dancing

We blijven deze voormiddag tussen het 'schoon volk'. Rob, Rob en Ron boksten hun eerste video in elkaar voor dit nummer van hun nieuwe album. Demons Dancing is een korte swingende song vol positieve vibes. Weliswaar in hun ondertussen gekende 70s stijl, m.n. heavy rock vol psychedelische invloeden. Niet teveel over lullen, gewoon beluisteren!

Of we "....hungry for more." zijn? You betcha! High Protein verschijnt op 29 mei via Lay Bare Recordings.

Ter info

Guitarist Ron Van Herpen (Astrosoniq, Molasses, TDB), bassist Rob Zim (The Lords of Altamont) and singer/drummer Rob Martin (Bliksem) joined forces in September 2017. They had their live debut at Roadburn 2018, presenting their first record which contains six resonating, heavy rock songs. Over the following year, RRRags built up a strong live reputation with their jam-infused but songbased performances, culminating in two well-received Belgian support shows with Monster Magnet.

RRRags’ groundwork is based on bands like Grand Funk Railroad, Budgie and Blue Cheer, with a personal signature of hard driving sound, soulful vocals, rumbling instrumentation and strong melodies.

On May 29st 2020, their second album -High Protein- will be unshackled on Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings. The album is masterfully produced from start to finish by Marcel Van De Vondervoort (Astrosoniq, Roadburn).

Be sure to discover this amazing power trio in full flight somewhere down the road! After seeing them once, you’ll be convinced of this band’s charisma and lasting powerrr!


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