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Sounds | Ray Lamontagne - Broken Sky

Tweede single Broken Sky is opnieuw vintage RL! Het nummer had zo op eender welk van zijn eerste albums kunnen staan. Héél ingetogen, de stem bijna fluisterend, simpele gitaarakkoorden en wat sporadische pianopingels, meer heeft de man niet nodig om me te raken. Verrassend is wel dat hij die ingetogenheid tot tweemaal doorbreekt met uitstapjes op keys.


With a voice that recalls a huskier, sandpapery version of Van Morrison and Tim Buckley, Grammy winner Ray LaMontagne joins such artists as Iron & Wine in creating folk songs that are alternately lush and intimately earthy. Raymond Charles Jack LaMontagne was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, in 1973. His parents split up shortly after his birth, and his mother began a pattern of moving her six children to any locale that could offer her employment and housing. As a result, LaMontagne grew up as the perennial new kid in school. When he graduated high school, he found himself working in a shoe factory in Maine when he heard Stephen Stills' "Tree Top Flyer" on the radio. The song amounted to an epiphany for LaMontagne, who made up his mind on the spot to become a singer and musician. Following his full-length debut, 2004's Trouble, he gradually broadened his musical palette, incorporating horns and strings on 2006's Til the Sun Turns Black and evoking the psychedelic pop and country-rock of the late 1960s and early '70s with his fifth album, the Dan Auerbach-produced Supernova. Issued in 2014, the latter became his third straight album to peak at number three on the Billboard 200. He opted to go it alone on his eighth album, Monovision. Released in mid-2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was written, produced, engineered, and performed entirely by LaMontagne.


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