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Sounds | Raphael Weinroth-Browne, Out Of The Ether

Een klassieke compositie, improv, filmisch, donker, cello, ... het raakt me, maar dat heb ik reeds meermaals verteld, onlangs nog bij het nieuwe nummer van Musk Ox, waar deze man ook deel van uitmaakt. Ik kan nu zoveel wauwelen over dit nummer dat je er 'gaga' van wordt: bottom line, ofwel voel je het, ofwel heb je er niets mee. Voor een beschrijving hoe het nummer is opgebouwd verwijs ik graag naar 'lees' hieronder. Luister ook naar: Affliction Unending I & From Within II (live)


"Out Of The Ether was improvised in a single unedited take. Upon recording it, I felt that the piece embodied my cellistic voice and the raw, unrefined character of my playing style."

Opening with an incantatory and austere atmosphere, the cello delivers a lonely supplication which then becomes a plaintive cry. The piece’s second act is far more elemental and abstract; rapid arpeggios swirl like winds before giving way to swift runs that bring the music to a rhapsodic close, disappearing back into the same ether from which it first emerged, as elusive and transient as an undulating wave.

There is something about improvisation that is difficult to define with words, but its nebulous qualities are precisely what I find most fascinating about it. The creative process involves communing with a mysterious, non-physical world and bringing back some artifact that can be shared with others. Improvisation is particularly special to me because it is the precise moment of creation, when expression is pulled like a thread out of the ether.


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