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Sounds | Predatory Void - A Portrait

a short, but intimate documentary by Diana Lungu

Hoe verkrijg je de beste portretten/interviews van je favoriete bands? Je laat het over aan iemand van de 'inner circle'. Geniet van dit mooie stukje van Diana Lungu. Lees

”Predatory Void feels like something totally new, it’s like learning to walk again and of course there’s ups and downs”, says Lennart Lennart Bossu (guitar). “It‘s important for people to realize that we’re really just a group of individuals who have the irresistible urge to play music, and that we’ll inevitably fuck up now and then, but that’s how it is.”

"Making music with Lennart, Thijs, Tim and Vincent had really taught me to focus and let go in equal parts”, says Lina R. (vocals). “To appreciate being pushed to do things you‘d normally be afraid of doing – just because someone else believes in your ability.”

Predatory Void came to be when guitarist Lennart Bossu (Amenra, Oathbreaker) found himself writing material that wasn't really suited for Amenra. Lennart gathered a group of likeminded people living in the area of Ghent (BE): the versatile vocalist and tattoo artist Lina R, Tim De Gieter (bass; Amenra, Doodseskader, Much Luv Studio), Thijs De Cloedt (guitar; Cobra The Impaler), and Vincent Verstrepen (drums; Carnation). The band released their debut album, “Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being”, in April of this year.


Lina R - vocals

Lennart Bossu - guitar

Tim De Gieter - bass

Thijs De Cloedt - guitar

Vincent Verstrepen - drums


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