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Sounds | Poppy - Hard

Gewoonlijk is ze me te poppy, onze Poppy, maar als ze eens de gitaar (bas in dit geval) distorted laat ronken en haar stem - naast héél lieflijk - ook wat pijnigt, dan spitsen mijn oren zich wel eens. Zoals tijdens Hard.

Zig verschijnt op 27 oktober 2023 via Sumerian Records.

Luister ook naar: Knockoff



Singer, songwriter, subversive performance artist, video director, and purveyor of surrealist chaos Poppy releases the last single off of her forthcoming new album, Zig, set for release on Sumerian Records on October 27th, 2023. Titled “Hard,” the track opens with a distorted, fuzzy bassline that provides the perfect industrial-influenced backdrop for Poppy’s self-reflective musings. The song’s peak sees her reaching a breaking point and dropping her calm disposition, screaming: “No spine, no right, no love, no dice – I always pay the price.” “Hard” is accompanied by a music video directed by Garrett Nicholson and Poppy, depicting Poppy performing the track with her bass guitar and visually capturing the chaotic energy of the track’s bridge. Zig is available for pre-order at this link.

“Hard” follows on the heels of “Knockoff,” a sinewy preview of what fans can expect from Zig, and “Motorbike,” a sensual dark pop anthem. The accompanying music videos provide more arresting, captivating visuals from an artist known for displacing norms and redefining her genre on her own terms. Since its release, Knockoff has gained over 1.6 million streams on Spotify alone.

In January, Poppy will embark on the Concrete Forever Tour supporting Bad Omens in Europe, followed by her headlining Zig Tour across Europe in February. Check out the dates below!

Originating from a dance background, the unique, multi-hyphenate performer’s first steps in the creative world began with performance art video vignettes. These vignettes evolved, allowing Poppy to dig deep visually and experiment sonically to create something entirely new. After initially signing to LA’s SumerianRecords, she released her album, 2020’s I Disagree, to much acclaim. Disregarding labels and genres, it tallied over 100 million streams, and the song “BLOODMONEY” earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Metal Performance, the first ever solo female artist nominated in the category.

Poppy’s upcoming Zig is a reflection of an artist who has been in the public eye since her late teens coming into her own in her late 20’s as a woman who knows what she wants and who she is. Pairing immersive, roiling electronics with candy-coated vocals, songs on Zig bubble just under the skin. At times, the music’s cool lacquer gives way to Poppy’s own lacerating screamed lyrics, the perfect complement to dislodging the songs’ pointed pop edges.


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