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Sounds | Point North, No One's Listening

Voor wie niet kan wachten op het nieuwe album van Point North dat deze vrijdag uitkomt, heeft de band nog een verrassing. De jongens brachten vandaag No One's Listening uit, inclusief video. Nog twee keer slapen en we krijgen het volledige nieuwe werk te horen!

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Put this band on your radar. A passion, a home, an escape. Music is many things to many people, and for the four Californians who make up Point North, it’s the perfect way to sift through the turmoil raging in their heads. From the sadness and loss that colours ‘Dearly Beloved’ to the bittersweet bounce of ‘Blameless’, this EP represents pop-punk at its most candid and troubled – yet it’s anything but a miserable listen. Actually, whether it’s the gorgeous, life-affirming chorus of ‘Conditions’, the pitch-perfect ’00s throwback of ‘Godspeed’ or the winningly brittle, mostly acoustic ‘Everybody Fades’, this feels more like the start of a thrilling new chapter. You’ll want to keep an eye on these guys, trust us.

(Bron: Rocksound)


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