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Sounds | Perturbator, God Says (ft. Hangman's Chair)

Wat James Kent als Perturbator doet, klinkt voor mij als een iets meer laid back Author & Punisher: intense sferen creëren onder de industrial (electronic) doom vlag. Op dit nummer krijgt hij de steun van Parijzenaars Hangman's Chair. Wat vooral opvalt is de video die je - voor zover je wil - tot nadenken stemt. LIVE zondag 6 november 2022, TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht) donderdag 10 november 2022, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel)

(met ... Author & Punisher vanzelfsprekend) Lees

Perturbator comments: "God Says'' is a song about completely giving yourself up to hedonism. It is perhaps the darkest song on the album and that is in great part thanks to Hangman's Chair's haunting contribution to it."

Hangman's Chair: "Our first meeting with James was back in 2017 at the Sainte Marthe during the recording sessions of Banlieue Triste and our collaboration on the song "Tired Eyes". There was mutual respect at first and we discovered we had a lot in common.Immediately, we felt it was a good match and the connection between us was going to grow bigger and stronger. And since then we even started to see each other besides the musical context. So when he asked us to participate on the track "God Says" that closes his new album, it was an honor to return the favour."

Metastasis: "Directing this music video has been quite a ride. A 6 months long ride, day and night, 38,257 frames rendered, a lot of challenges, but definitely, by far my best memory in terms of video directing. I wanted a journey in a monochrome, neo-gothic, over-identified Metropolis dipped in a wet and neverending night, enlightened by thousands of flickering bleak neon-lights, painting vice and decadence. I wanted a collision between Fritz Lang, Orson Welles, Blade Runner, old Batman, Dick Tracy and even Roger Rabbit."


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