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Sounds | Paulette Verlée, For December

Eenvoud kan zo intens mooi zijn dat we er geen woorden aan willen verspillen. Luister en geniet.

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At a very young age, Paulette learned to play the piano with works of Bach and Schumann but Debussy, Poulenc and Satie were the ones that inspired her for his project. You can describe her compositions as post minimalism or extended neoclassical. She however doesn’t like to categorize her work as being one specific style.

The story behind Paulette? Just the nice girl next door with a quirky way of composing music. The rest of the story tells itself by listening to her music.

In her compositions she combines piano with strings and subtle electronics and every time she knows just how to touch the audience by limiting herself to the musical essence. No fuzz, no big statements, the simplicity of beautiful music.


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