• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | Only Child Tyrant, The Love Again

Wat is dit nu eigenlijk? Rock? Industrial? Electro? Ambient? Amon Tobin omschrijft het zelf als "It sounds like rock music got drunk in the desert and then tried to stave off dehydration by eating the wrong cactus, and you're going to love it." Fine with me, het 'ding' heeft i.i.g. een zalige drive en leuke feel. Enjoy!

In 2022 zou er van Amon Tobin onder dit alter ego nieuw werk verschijnen. Luister ook naar: Seesayer by Two Fingers

How Do You Live by Amon Tobin


Amon Tobin’s life and work in sound design, spanning over 25 years, has produced some of the most important, era-defining records of his time. His work has continuously been setting the pace of sonic exploration and musical adventurism that has helped to shape much of what has come since. Beginning in 1996 with Adventures in Foam the distinctive otherness of sound, which Tobin inhabited, was revealed. The musical and technological development of his production ideas through albums like Bricolage, Permuatation, Supermodified and Foley Room culminated in 2011’s ISAM album. ISAM utilised advanced synthesis processing and production techniques traditionally reserved for sound design in ilm, and paved the way for a radically new kind of audio-visual performance. The pioneering use of projection mapping in a live performance, saw the landmark ISAM shows being rightly hailed around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to the Olympia in Paris to the Roundhouse in London, and many international festivals including Sonar, MUTEK, Coachella and Moogfest. Amon spent eight years quietly developing a series of works under different aliases, alongside new material under his own name. These are now gradually being unveiled on the Nomark label. 2019 saw the release of Fear In A Handful of Dust and Long Stories. The first new alias ONLY CHILD TYRANT saw its debut Time To Run in the same year. In 2020 the long-awaited TWO FINGERS album Fight! Fight! Fight! was released to widespread acclaim and the FIGUEROA alias was revealed with an album, The World As We Know It, which was quickly hailed as an “album of the year.” In the summer of 2021 Tobin revealed another new alias; STONE GIANTS. The debut album, West Coast Love Stories, is a record which celebrates the relationship between voice and machine from an altogether different perspective and was described in reviews as being another extraordinary, gorgeous and thrilling release. His long established reputation for musical ingenuity is unconfined by genre, and he remains one of the most visionary electronic artists of his generation.