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Sounds | Odd Crew, Morning Lights

Een lekkere lange, sfeervolle opbouw naar een sterke song die - bij mij i.i.g. - mooi binnenkomt. Yep, ik hoor duidelijk die post grunge / alternative invloeden die ik destijds erg kon smaken bij een band als Creed: die grootste stadionsounds, die emoties die er soms net iets te vingerdik opliggen, ... maar ik hou er gewoon van àls het, zoals hier, goed gebracht wordt. Knappe video ook.

Dark Matters (part 1) verschijnt in 2022 via Drakkar Entertainment.


Sofia, Bulgaria-based Odd Crew has premiered a video for 'Morning Lights' – the band’s first single taken from their forthcoming, sixth studio album Dark Matters (Part 1), which is slated for a 2022 release on Drakkar Entertainment.

Odd Crew already revealed on their socials, their new album will be ‘heavier, slow and rough’, as the melancholic, emotional and breathtaking facets of their first single and album opener proves: The song represents the band – who grew up together since they were kids – in a light of despair, struggling for a brighter future. The distinguished vocal parts and these epic riffs showcasing a first taste of the band‘s new, and matured direction.

"I had an emotional outburst and I wrote the riffs for the song in exactly 7 minutes," says guitarist Vasil Parvanovski. "Then I wasted hours sorting and reshaping them until I realized that the original version was the best and they didn't need to be adjusted."

“The gloomy footage in the beginning of the video is deeply connected to the band as it was shot in the neighborhood where we met and grew up”, adds vocalist Vasko Raykov.

Following five much acclaimed studio records, two DVDs and countless live shows over more than two decades, Dark Matters (Part 1) sees Odd Crew reach their musical maturity on a new level, and one that doubles down on the band’s songwriting skills and exceptional talent. Odd Crew may have stepped out as one of Bulgaria’s best kept heavy rock and metal secrets long ago, but their new album will make them indispensable for the global heavy music scene.


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