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Sounds | Neck Deep - We Need More Bricks

Ze speelden nog maar net in de Vooruit in Gent maar binnen een kleine twee maand komt er ook een nieuw album van Neck Deep uit. We kregen onlangs nog een voorproefje. We Need More Bricks heeft een politiek kantje met die heerlijke Neck Deep poppunk vibes die we zo lief hebben.

“'We Need More Bricks' is, in my opinion, Neck Deep at their political best”, aldus zanger Ben Barlow. “Touching on everything from the monarchy, immigration, protest laws and international wars. We find ourselves at a cross section in the zeitgeist where bricks could be used to build something, or to be destructive. I’m calling on punks and those that want to make a difference, to do so. As well as being our most poignant political track to date, it also features my favourite riff/ breakdown we’ve ever written, with a mosh call that, I hope, makes the listener think about their role in the world, and to speak up, take action on the many injustices the world faces today. I’m looking forward to playing this one live the most of any track on the record. If this one doesn’t get you moving then maybe Jason Derulo is more up your street”.

Neck Deep verschijnt op 19 januari 2024 via TB Records / Hopeless Records.

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Neck Deep leapt from side project to full time band in 2012, after a single track online led to a pair of EPs followed by a deal with Hopeless Records. They struck a chord with a burgeoning audience, quickly heralded as leaders of a resurgence in hook-heavy punk, with an immediate accessibility and fun attitude combined with genuine concern for issues like loneliness, depression, and anxiety. The instant relatability of the band’s songs and overall approachable attitude endeared them to a new and incredibly passionate generation, with devotion to rival the biggest titans of melodic rock.

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