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Sounds | My Sleeping Karma, Mukti

Dit Duitse viertal heeft ondertussen vijf studioalbums en één live album op hun naam staan. Deze zomer komt nummer zes eraan. Ik hoor erg sfeervolle instrumentale post rock in de lijn van Long Distance Calling, zij het dan met minder Pink Floyd invloeden en ook iets donkerder. Niets nieuws onder de zon, maar wel goed gedaan en aangenaam om naar te luisteren. Live te zien tijdens Alcatraz!

Atma verschijnt verschijnt op 29 juli via Napalm Records.

Luister ook naar: Prema


Closing a seven-year gap since their latest studio album, Moksha, July 29th will see heavy hypnotic rock masters My Sleeping Karma return with their new album, entitled Atma, marking the band’s darkest, most emotional and deep record to date.

Following the previously-released first single 'Prema', today My Sleeping Karma have shared a music video for the haunting track 'Mukti'. At just under seven minutes, it’s the shortest song off the band’s sixth studio album.

Says drummer Steffen about the new single: "In times when the majority of news seems to be negative, everyone can decide where to focus the attention. A universal law says that energy always follows attention. By directing our attention towards positive things, we can take the energy away from the negative. This is the way that each individual is able to make a small contribution to healing. Mukti means liberation, letting go, experience of the highest peace and points exactly to this possibility of choice."

As many artists have experienced, the past two years hit the entire music and culture industry hard. But My Sleeping Karma – they have truly faced the abyss. Formed almost 20 years ago as a strong bond of best friends with a steady line-up ever since, the band has amassed an incredibly successful back catalogue of five highly acclaimed records and a live album in 2017, as well as extensive touring performances at sold-out venues and prestigious festivals that have marked them as one of the most well-respected instrumental post- and hypnotic rock bands within the heavy music community.

"We already started working on the video content back in 2018. The world is full of hate, envy, fear and greed and it seems the competition never stops,” the band comments.

"Society is becoming more and more lost in a dog eat dog jungle, and back then we would have never thought that in 2022, it would be even worse. Besides the latest pandemic or the Russian/Ukrainian war, so many individuals are facing massive conflicts on a daily basis.

In the end, there´s always hope that the world will become better again, once mankind understands. Love is the key and peace starts inside of everyone. The video track ‘Prema’ tells that story and the entire album is all about this. "Atma" goes out with love to our dear families, friends and fans. Thanks for supporting us over the years and especially in the latest dark times.”


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