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Sounds | Mayday Parade, Bad At Love

Mayday Parade is terug met een nieuwe song. Bad At Love is een vrij rustige song met een simpel refrein dat je al snel gaat meezingen. De bijhorende video is nog emotioneler dan de song en hoewel we niet de typical Mayday Parade te horen krijgen, is het zeker geen misser!


Since their formation, Mayday Parade have sold over 1.6 million albums in the U.S. inclusive of 675 million streams across their catalog, earning their spot as a household name in the industry. With a certified Gold album and countless global tours under their belt, the band shows no signs of slowing down as their fanbase continues to grow. Recently, their debut album "A Lesson In Romantics"has found new life on TikTok, with fans using the original tracks in their content as well as creating their own cover versions, some amassing millions of views.

(bron: KINDA)

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