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Sounds | Marissa Nadler, Bessie, Did You Make It?

Nadler zoals we haar kennen en dus op haar best. Pikdonkere gothic americana op een bedje van folk. Multi-gelaagde vocals, zachtjes tokkelende gitaarpartijen, ergens een 'flute' en wat keys die voor een extra wat spooky sfeer zorgen. Het nieuwe album wordt dus weer een topper, toch voor wie van dit soort muziek houdt.

The Path of the Clouds verschijnt op 29 oktober via Sacred Bones.


Can we master our fates and recreate ourselves? How easy is it to vanish? “It’s up to who you ask... ” "Bessie, Did You Make It?,” inspired by binge-watching Unsolved Mysteries during the early days of the pandemic, is a tale of grit and resilience. It’s also a narrative of female empowerment and survival. While I took some liberties with the story, I had a lot of fun inverting the canon of the murder ballad and going through the possible fates of the characters. I like to envision Bessie walking out of the water and into a new reality.

This video, directed by Mitch Wells, filmmaker and bassist of the band Thou, was shot on Lake Pontchartrain as well as various other locations in New Orleans. The viewer follows two different modern day heroines, on land and sea, as they navigate their own treacherous journeys and ultimately come up for air. I made the animations that appear in the video.

Players on this song besides myself include Milky Burgess and Jesse Chandler. The album was mixed by Seth Manchester, and mastered by Heba Kadry. The video stars Kitty Pennings and Caroline Wells. It was colored by Clayton Hunt.

Emma Ruth Rundle by Mason Rose


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