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Sounds | Månegarm, Ulvhjärtat

De Zweedse folkmetalformatie Månegarm kwam op 3 februari 2022 met hun eerste single van het aankomende album Ynglingaättens Öde.

Met het nummer Ulvhjärtat laat de band horen dat ze het maken van mooie folkmetalnummers nog steeds niet verleerd zijn. Terwijl het intro doet terugdenken aan het briljante akoestische werk van Månegarm, voelt het gehele nummer donker, hard en stevig aan. Deze voorbode voor het album belooft heel veel moois.

Bij Ulvhjärtat releast de band ook een nieuwe video clip. De clip is echt de moeite waard, maar wees gewaarschuwd: deze clip is niet voor de ‘faint hearted’. Zonder het helemaal te verraden, het doet niet onder voor een goede gevechtscene in de gemiddelde film of documentaires over de Vikingen.

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Er is nog weinig bekend over een Europese tour maar Månegarm staat geboekt op meerdere grote festivals, en organiseren zoals gewoonlijk hun eigen feestje in Zweden komende zomer.

Lees MÅNEGARM keep the heathen fire alive with vibrant folk and Viking spirit!

Swedish folk metal pillars MÅNEGARM have made a name for themselves in the international scene by releasing nine full-length records since their debut, Nordstjärnans tidsålder, back in 1998. Now, the Scandinavian crew takes another stroll through ancient sagas and myths of long forgotten times on the successor of 2019’s chart-topping Fornaldarsagor with their upcoming 10th studio album, Ynglingaättens Öde (EN: the fate of the Ynglinga kin), out April 15, 2022 via Napalm Records.

In their multifaceted world of sound, MÅNEGARM incorporate Pagan inspired lyricism based on the old Norse poem Ynglingatal, which describes the fate of an old Norse dynasty - the house of Ynglinga. Ynglingaättens Öde offers balanced variety and atmosphere, breathing new life into ancient myths.

To sink deep into this unique occasion and to keep the Viking flame burning bright, the three-piece have just released their staggering brand new track, entitled “Ulvhjärtat” (EN: the Wolfheart), alongside a gripping official music video. An acoustic introduction acts as a prelude for a stomping yet catchy hymn with harsh riffs, engaging drums and anthemic melodies, as MÅNEGARM underline their standing as spearheads in the world of Viking metal once more.

MÅNEGARM on “Ulvhjärtat“:

“'Ulvhjärtat' is about Ingjald Illråde, who was the last king of the Ynglinga dynasty that ruled over Uppsala and Svetjud. As a young boy, Ingjald was weak and frail but during a great feast, the midvinterblot, Ingjald was advised by his foster-father, the blind man Svipdag, to eat a wolf´s heart to gain strength. Ingjald followed the old man’s advice but the outcome was not only that Ingjald became hardened and stronger… he also took on the mind and temper of the wolf. Ingjald grew up to be an ambitious king determind to make his kingdom grow, but his mind grew darker and darker. His treacherous mind made him invite nearby kings just to burn them alive and expand his kingdom, his ferocious and ruthless rule contained betrayals and oath breaking and he finally came to be called 'Ingjald the illruler'…"


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