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Sounds | Livingmore, Sharp

Tijd om de L.A. Alt-Rock band te ontdekken! Met Sharp brengen ze een zeer catchy song uit. De melodie blijft lang nazinderen en ook de stemkleur van Alex Moore past perfect bij deze song. Het ritme doet me denken aan twee Blondie songs maar dit tilt het niveau enkel naar omhoog. Let's dance.....

Hun nieuwe album Take Me is nu digitaal overal verkrijgbaar.

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Anything goes on the dancefloor. As bodies move, sweat and tears fall to the ground with the same frequency. Anchored by glossy guitar and under the glow of neon keys, Livingmore convert this kinetic motion into instantly irresistible rock anthems that shimmer, shine, and soar all at once. Since 2014, the Los Angeles quartet—Alex Moore [vocals], Spencer Livingston [guitar], Mike Schadel [drums], and Rodrigo Moreno [bass]—have independently amassed over 2 million total streams, ignited a buzz and engaged audiences at packed gigs.

Now, they’re ready to move listeners more than ever with their second full-length album, Take Me [Nomad Eel Records], out May 2021.

“It’s a dance-your-problems away album,” Alex states. “Even though we all go through bummers, we can still jump around, rock out, have a good time, and not take life too seriously. It was the first time we added some humor. Overall, it’s our most movable album.”

“It’s happy-sad music,” adds Spencer. “We really combined the spectrum of our influences to make you move.”

Livingmore came to life in 2014 when Alex and Spencer began collaborating. They bonded over a wide swath of influences, including Garbage, The Hives, Roy Orbison, Modest Mouse, Wilco, Radiohead, The Cure, The Smiths, and Wes Anderson movies. As the duo continued to write, Mike and Rodrigo eventually joined the fold, and the group’s 2015 self-titled EP, Livingmore, gained traction online. Between countless shows, the band dropped their full-length debut, OK To Land, in 2018. As the world slipped into lockdown in 2020, the quartet locked into creative mode for what would become album number two.

From the onset of the process, the band collaborated more than ever before with Mike Schadel producing and recording Take Me in the band's own studio and mixing and mastering it with Josiah Mazzaschi (Built To Spill, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Light FM).

“It’s definitely been our most collaborative body of work,” Spencer observes. “Alex and I wrote all of the songs on OK To Land acoustically. This time around, we arranged everything together as a band rather than just writing separately on an acoustic guitar. Every song is really different as a result.”

Lead single “Sharp” glides along on a propulsive beat and guitar awash in echoes of reverb. Meanwhile, Alex’s vocals take flight towards a disco break perfect for your favorite club in any era.

“When I was younger, I had anxiety, and I’d be quieter sometimes,” she admits. “I feel like clothes were the first thing that made me feel comfortable expressing myself. We all have so many different energies. I have a feminine energy, but I also have a boyish energy. I was thinking about how that mixes with wardrobe. There’s a cheekiness to it. It’s a song you can stand on tables and knock over people’s glasses to.”

Meanwhile, the follow-up “Got Me Feeling Like” tells the story of a larger-than-life character envisioned by Alex.

“When I hear it, I picture this Rhinestone Cowboy who’s having fun, wearing a weird costume, walking into a liquor store and dancing around,” she goes on. “This cowboy feels like he’s famous, even if he’s not at all. He stars in the video. Part of me thinks he might be my party alter ego,” she laughs.

Elsewhere on the 11-track collection, “Rays” glistens with a hummable melody, while “Dramatic” hinges on an unpredictable rhythm, shuffling towards a chantable hook.

“Take Me is more personal for us,” reveals Spencer. “You’re getting to know who we are in these songs, and the music is meant to reflect everything we’re into. It’s a nice rollercoaster ride.”

In the end, Livingmore invite you on the ride with them.

“I’m personally following a non-conformist path,” Alex leaves off. “I live my life like that. The album’s big message is to follow your unique path.”


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