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Sounds | Laurence Jones - Thunder In The Sky

Een jonge Eric Clapton? De man kan alvast een stukske gitaar spelen en leunt dicht aan bij grootheden als Gary Moore (de blues variant welteverstaan), Joe Bonamassa en nog wat andere klinkende namen. Ook qua stem heeft Jones het één en ander te bieden. Origineel is het allemaal niet, maar is blues dat überhaupt nog wel en hoeft dat? Destination Unknown verscheen op 9 september 2022 via Marshall Records.

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Speaking on his latest offering, Jones comments:

“It’s been a long time in the making, and fans have been asking me for a decade to release a live version of ‘Thunder in the Sky.’” Jones exclaims, “It’s the first song I ever wrote; I was 16 years old… It’s what kickstarted my career, provided me with some amazing opportunities, and allowed me to support the likes of Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy & Sir Van Morrison.”

“Ironically, I don’t like Thunder, it makes me uneasy. So, one night when there was thunder and lightning outside, I picked up my guitar and used those feelings, putting them into a song about losing someone”

Jones continues, recounting:

“I invited 200 dedicated fans to be a part of this special night at the Marshall Studio. I wanted to give something back for all the support they have shown me over the years. I owe a lot to this song, and it felt right to release it on its 10th year anniversary. ‘Thunder in the Sky’ is for the people and the blues.”

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