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Sounds | Kontinuum, Hafið Logar

Ik lees 'ambient' en 'wave influenced rockers', maar kan de match niet maken met dit nummer. Hafið Logar vind ik hoedanook moeilijk om ergens in een vakje te proppen. Niet dat de mzuiek alle kanten uitgaat en er sprake is van verregaande genre-bending toetstanden of zo. Rockmuziek, inderdaad, beetje post-invloeden en toch wel, wat verder in de song hoor ik wel een fikse scheut 'wave'. Schitterend intens, donker en best kil.

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Kontinuum comment on the track:

"Continuing our works inspired by the sculptor Einar Jónsson, we bring you, Hafið Logar. The song grew from his statue "Mold (Earth)", which depicts our final resting place in the arms of the earth. At the time of writing, we had a different war in mind. Iceland's long-standing history of its fight against the sea. A brutal and ruthless enemy, we depended on for our survival. Our journey is always destined to come to an end, right back where we started from. But today, there's a different meaning hiding in there. Another time, another war, another villain. Ми знаходимо спосіб вижити. Ми боремося."

Kontinuum were conceived with the declared aim to create hypnotic and spiritual musical noise in Reykjavik, Iceland in the year 2010. After sending demo tracks of their debut album 'Earth Blood Magic' to a few labels, a first deal was quickly struck. Kontinuum wasted no time and entered SIGUR RÓS' Sundlaugin Studio in the town of Mosfellsbær close to the Icelandic capital to record their first full-length, which was released in 2012.

'Earth Blood Magic' received rave reviews across the board and was voted rock album of the year in Morgunblaðið, Iceland. Kontinuum followed up on their quick success and played numerous shows in 2013, which established their reputation as a powerful live band.

Kontinuum released the first single of their next album, entitled "I Huldusal", in 2014. This led to substantial radio play in Iceland and even topping the charts of the island's largest alternative rock radio station.

Their sophomore full-length, 'Kyrr' hit the stores in April 2015 alongside new single, "Breathe". Following the release of their second album, Kontinuum embarked on two tours in Germany and performed at several festivals including the prestigious Roadburn Festival and Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands, Germany's Summer Breeze, Icelandic Airwaves and Eistnaflug Festival at home as well as Lithuania's Devilstone Festival.

Now the Icelanders returned in 2018 with their amazing third album 'No Need to Reason' and the world firmly in their sight.


Birgir Thorgeirsson: vocals, guitars, keyboard, synthesizer

Engilbert Hauksson: bass

Ingi Thor Pálsson: guitars

Kristján Einar Gudmundsson: drums

Thorlakur Thor: guitars, piano, mellotron

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