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Sounds | Killthelogo, The Warehouse Moguls

Na hun eerste single vroeg ik om wat minder RATM en wat meer eigenheid. Wel, het gaat voorzichtig die richting uit. Sure, de verwijzingen liggen er nog dik op, maar ik hoor in het refrein ook sporen van Clutch opduiken, jaja! Deze mix zorgt voor extra vuurwerk en een eerste stap richting een eigen smoelwerk. Allez, vind ik hé.

De Doorn verschijnt op 25 juni via Relapse Records en kan je bij ons ook verkrijgen via Consouling Sounds! Luister ook naar: Riot As One


Nearly two decades since .calibre made its first and only album, killthelogo emerged out its ashes with the raw and raging track ‘Riot As One’. Today they release the follow up single ‘The Warehouse Moguls’. Trading the pummeling metal sound with a more fast paced hardcore punk-vibe, ‘The Warehouse Moguls’ shows a different side of the band. As engaged and infuriated as Riot, but softer and more melodic in tone and with a big sing-a-long chorus.

“This is a song about the big shot sociopaths”, Singer and lyricist Daniel Mies explains, ”the self-proclaimed enlightened entrepreneurs. The fake advocates of change and social revolution that brutally protect the status quo through oppression, corruption, discreditation, human rights abuses and even military action.

If only 8 people (yes, eight) currently own 50% of all global wealth, it may be time to acknowledge that the system is truly broken. And that there is no fixing it without aiming for the linchpins. If we neutralize the controlling effects of the 1% richest people on this planet, redistributing and reallocating their wealth to the social and ecological benefit of us all, we will eventually tip the scales into balance.

Everything is warehoused these days: from nano-chips to humans. Apparently our value is measured by the same parameters used for raw materials. But we are real people! How fast can our desperate energy be converted into wealth? And how fast can this wealth be extracted from our reach? Someone is responsible, but no one is held accountable.

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