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Sounds | Julian Taylor, 100 Proof

De Canadese singer/songwriter Julian Taylor schreef ditmaal niet zelf het lied maar wel zijn goede vriend Tyler Ellis. 100 Proof werd gemaakt tijdens een duistere periode, maar de boodschap van dit lied is: "laat vriendelijkheid je gids zijn". Een mooie country/folk song die me een sterk Johnny Cash gevoel heeft.

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One of my favourite songwriters is a an award winning music school teacher from Toronto named Tyler Ellis. He hosts an open stage at Dora Keogh Irish Pub every Monday. We’ve been friends a long time and have written many a song together. He wrote this lovely song and I decided to cover it

Here’s what Tyler had to say about the song...

100 proof was written in late May of 2020. The news was not good. In fact it was shocking as Black Lives Matter protests of George Floyd's murder were escalating and images and stories of cruelty and hatred and evil were everywhere. Oh, and the potential of being killed by an invisible enemy was also on the menu along with the social isolation that that threat brought us all... so this song is a bit of an antidote to all that and a bit of a guide for somehow managing it all. It says, essentially, that telling the truth about how you feel is ok; asking for help is ok; oh, and like Jackie DeShannon said, let "kindness be your guide".

It’s a story about a lifetime and how when things seem dark and hopeless you can, with help, "flip a switch" and get back to where things feel lighter. Stopping and asking for directions is not a sign of weakness. Also that being part of a family is allowing yourself to be supported and also being supportive in turn.

We hope that enjoy the song. It was record by Tim Abraham and features David Woodhead on bass and Jason Fowler guitar.

We hope that you enjoy it.


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