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Sounds | Joanne Shaw Taylor - All The Way From America

Met All The Way From America van Joan Armatrading krijgen we een zalige cover te horen die Joanne Shaw Taylor op haar eigen emotionele wijze brengt. Een lied over een liefde die niet binnen het bereik ligt en de kracht om deze te laten gaan. Krachtig en melodieus gebracht. Ook is het genieten van deze toch wat kunstig aanvoelende clip.

Wie Joanne eens live aan het werk wil zien, dat kan op woensdag 14 februari in Paradiso Amsterdam.

luister ook naar: Wild Love.


British blues-rock sensation Joanne Shaw Taylor continues to captivate her audience with the release of her soul-stirring version of Joan Armatrading’s "All The Way From America," a masterful interpretation of deep emotional connection and enduring hope. The song, chosen and produced by the acclaimed Kevin Shirley, is an exquisite blend of poignant lyrics and Taylor's emotive guitar playing, creating a soundscape that resonates with listeners' deepest sentiments.

"You called all the way from America, but my heart couldn't stand the pain of that promised love," sings Taylor, her voice weaving a tale of distant love and the strength found in solitude. "This song is a journey of heartache and resilience. It's about the pain of waiting for a love that's always out of reach, and the power in finally letting go," reflects Joanne.

The single, released today via Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records, is a compelling addition to Joanne's diverse and celebrated discography. It follows the success of her previous releases, “Sweet ‘Lil Lies,"  "Black Magic" and "Wild Love," showcasing her ability to blend traditional blues with dynamic rhythms and soulful melodies. "All The Way From America" deepens this exploration, drawing listeners into a narrative of love and longing, enhanced by the richness of Taylor's vocal and guitar prowess.


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