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Sounds | Jambinai - 잠비나이 - 지워진 곳에서 feat. 선우정아 (from the place been erased feat.swja)

Is je aandacht getrokken door de titel van de song? Wacht maar tot je het nummer zelf hebt beluisterd. En de bijhorende video hebt bekeken. Héél straffe kost! Ik zou hier lyrisch over kunnen doen, had ik maar de nodige uitgebreide woordenschat om dit meesterwerk te omschrijven. Laat ik het gewoon houden bij immens intense post rock die balanceert tussen beklemmend dreigend en onaards mooi.

Apparition is op 11 november verschenen via Bella Union.


JAMBINAI announce the release of Apparition, a digital only new 4-track EP, out 11th November via Bella Union. To celebrate the announcement the band have shared an intense live performance video for “Once More From That Frozen Bottom”, the EP’s incendiary opening track, filmed last winter at the ARTE museum in Yeosu. Additionally, JAMBINAI have been announced as one of the headline acts at the Portals Festival at EartH in Hackney on 27th May 2023.

The band will play 3 concerts in Belgium next year.

JAMBINAI also share a video of new track “From The Place Been Erased”. The track features guest vocals from K Pop legend swja (also known as sunwoojunga, well known for working with 2NE1, Black Pink, and BTS). “I thought swja’s voice would go well with our music,” says Jambinai frontman Lee Il-woo, “so I asked her for help. I am honoured that she willingly participated. Despite our heavy and strong sound, she understood its inner emotions.”

For JAMBINAI, South Korea’s maestros of intense folk-infused post-rock, it has been the best of times and the worst of times since the release of their third album ONDA in 2019.

In February 2020, the quintet won Best Rock Album for ONDA and Best Rock Song for the title track at South Korea’s Music Awards, but then came the pandemic. The quintet’s brilliant new four-track EP Apparition captures the depth and range of emotions that JAMBINAI have felt these last few years, from anxious lockdowns and thwarted plans to the thrill of renewed creativity, hunger and hope.

As co-founder and band spokesman Lee Il-woo recalls, “After ONDA we saw 2020 as a new opportunity to work on a bigger stage. I personally wanted to release a new album and tour to exhaust the energy of ONDA and find new inspiration, but it didn’t work out that way. We didn’t find enough energy to make a full album yet, so for now we are releasing four songs.”

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