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Sounds | Isbells - A Little Bit Longer

Wat is het zalig wegdromen bij deze nieuwe van Isbells. Van mij mocht dit nog véél langer duren en niet een klein beetje. Het is eigenlijk de eerste keer dat ik voor een nummer van hen strike ga. De warmte in de stem maakt het grote verschil deze keer, denk ik? Tijd om toch eens wat dieper op Gaëtan Vandewoude en zijn gang in te gaan.

Basegemiti verschijnt op 22 september 2023 via V2 Records.

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About 'A Little Bit Longer': "The song is a nostalgic and emotional reflection on the simple, yet profound moments shared between two people in bed at night. It paints a picture of a peaceful and intimate setting where deep conversations about the meaning of life and existence take place. The lyrics express a longing for those moments to last longer, to continue to grow and understand each other, even as they get older. The song is a reminder to treasure the small things in life, and to hold onto them tightly as they slip away. The inspiration for the song came from these moments I shared with my son."

Isbells’ acoustic folk sound has drawn comparisons to the plucking skills of Nick Drake, the harmony vocals of Fleet Foxes and the melancholy of Bon Iver. Their 2009 self-titled debut has been labeled as a classic and their live concerts are among the most sophisticated and subtly intimate sets. In the meantime, Isbells has collected millions of streams on Spotify, with the beautiful 'Dreamer' as the highlight, which is on its way to no less than 80 million streams. With Chantal Acda, Christophe Vandewoude, Gianni Marzo and Gerd Van Mulders Gaëtan Vandewoude gathered a strong group of musicians around him to shape his songs.

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