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Sounds | Idealus Maximus, Loofbos

Nog eens een streepje instrumentale stoner rock? Geniet van Loofbos (single en album!), een nummer dat zijn tijd neemt, rustig opbouwt met een licht Oosters sfeertje (gitaar) om dan geheel stonergewijs potig te eindigen. Het album laat best wat variatie horen in de negen nummers. Soms via een heel speelse ritmesectie of leuke riffs, soms door er simpelweg loeihard tegenaan te knallen. Hoe de heren het ook aanpakken, je bent steeds zeker van een hevige portie stonergeweld.

Loofbos verscheen op 4 maart 2022 via Polderrecords.


"We don't know about you, but we like to hear a tasty groove from time to time. Getting slapped in the face by a riff out of nowhere? What a joy! We're big fans of bands like RotoR, Karma to Burn, Treasure Cat, Hackman, Nitroseed, and on and on. Guitar, bass, drums, loud and groovy riffs - you know what we mean. What's even more fun is playing and making riffs and grooves ourselves! We didn't play for some years, but the urge to riff grew too big, so Idealus Maximus reunited and soon 8 new songs were conceived. In March 2021, these songs, plus a cover of Treasure Cat's On A Clear Day, got eventually recorded live at the wonderful Dunk! studios. This album is 9 pieces of instrumental riffrock, stonerrock, progressive something something... Whatever it is called, we're very happy with how it turned out! Et voila, here it is for you to listen to! Enjoy"

After a 6 year hiatus maximus, Idealus Maximus is back and armed with a new album filled with riffs!

Idealus Maximus is an instrumental riff rock trio from around Ghent, Belgium. Formed in 2004 by Fanio (drums), Erik (guitar) and Pablo (bass). They released a first EP in 2009 and played countless shows.

In 2014 they self released their eponymous full album that was well received. Lots of great shows followed including Yellowstock and Roadkill, and shared stages with their biggest inspirations such as Karma To Burn and The Atomic Bitchwax.


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