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Sounds | Hatebreed, Instinctive (Slaughterlust)

Hatebreed. Die naam alleen al zou genoeg moeten zijn om de aandacht van iedere metalcoreliefhebber te trekken. Al meer dan 25 jaar draait deze band mee in de bovenste regionen van dit heerlijke genre. Op 27 november a.s. zorgt Hatebreed voor een feestje. Dan komt namelijk het achtste studioalbum uit, Weight of the False Self. Als voorproefje kwam een aantal dagen terug de tweede single van dat album uit, Instinctive (Slaughterlust). Zoals je zou verwachten, een agressief, strak, in-your-face-nummer dat blijft plakken.

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Weight of The False Self proves that over20 years deep into an iconic career, Hatebreed remain as vital as ever.

Renowned for their ability to provide an intense and cathartic release for their fans, Hatebreed challenged themselves and their writing style in order to produce material that is exceptionally relatable in a contemporary world flooded with overstimulation, emotional dampening, and lack of social patience. "Weight of The False Self is a perfect representation of Hatebreed in 2020, a fresh onslaught of soon-to-be classics with all the elements that led you here since day one," explains guitarist Frank Novinec.

Drummer Matt Byrne shares, "There's no shortage of beefy riffs and adrenaline-fueled drums on this record. I'm proud to say that we will consistently provide a soundtrack to which you can mosh in your living room and destroy your apartment."

Hatebreed previously shared a new album trailer, in which Jasta and guitarist Wayne Lozinak discuss the process of working with producer Zeuss.

The album artwork was created by Eliran Kantor.


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